Nomadic Truths

I’m taking The Creative Process class at UCLA and one of our assignments was to write about a moment that inspired us. I thought it was relevant here too…

My most recent, and possibly a completely life changing moment of inspiration, was just last week. I made plans with a friend to drive out to the desert for the Rubidoux Swap Meet at 6am. We were a little disappointed that we didn’t really find any hidden treasures, but decided to continue exploring before coming back to LA. We ended up on a hunt for a junk yard I had passed many times on my way out to the desert, but wasn’t real sure where it was. We just drove in the general direction and just chatted away about life in general. We stopped off at a random Mexican restaurant in the middle of nowhere, which ended up looking like it was THE place to go in the area, with a full tequila bar. Had a leisurely lunch and then continued on our journey.

An hour later, we still hadn’t found the junk yard, but we came across a crazy store front that had a rocket strapped to a military jeep outside. Random and unfortunately closed. By this point, my friend was seriously doubting whether this junk store I was making him drive all through the desert for actually existed.

We reached the Angeles Forest and CA14 junction, still with no signs of the junk yard. We were both thinking that it would be much nicer to drive through the forest than the freeway, but is the junk yard close? We decide to hold out just a little more on the 14, just in case. Right as he gives up and exits the freeway, the Bob’s Big Boy head pops out from behind a huge rooster and the mystery junk yard emerges on the side of the freeway.

Anyway, in the end we even got to drive back the scenic route. Not a terribly exciting story, but something about it really pushed a button in me.

About half way through the Angeles Forest, I suddenly realized that I didn’t want to come back to LA. I wanted to travel. I’m not sure what exactly triggered all this, since things with my career had finally started to move forward little by little, and things in general were going really well. I had flashbacks of tons of moments in my life, starting from when I was 5 and I had done a drawing of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was a stick figure in front of a plane with a big bag on my back. I’ve always wanted to be a traveller. I’ve travelled quite a bit, but I’ve never been nomadic, I always had a home to go back to. But here’s the kicker, my moment of inspiration. I realized that it was an option, being a peripatetic nomad (I just learned that term meaning itinerant, wandering, meandering, or walking about), that I had never realistically considered. I would have to leave behind my life as I know it right now, but it is absolutely possible. I feel a little like I’d be opting out of the system, at least temporarily, but it also feels a lot like letting go of a predetermined mindset that is considered the norm of most western cultures.


~ by Jen C. on 03/10/2007.

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