The Process: We’ve decided, now what?

So now the decision has been made, we’ve decided to move out of our place ASAP to save on rent. What do you do first once you’ve decided to go backpacking through Asia for six months and then immediately relocate to Hong Kong?

A. Buy an iPod
B. Shop for hiking boots and backpack
C. Get your cat a passport
D. Sell off your furniture
E. Throw out everything in your apartment

My vote would be A. Probably the most impractical thing to start with, but if you have two and a half months to sell/throw out/pack up your entire life before you can start to prepare for seven months of homelessness, I imagine an iPod with tons of music and videos will come in handy…

Now the big question is Which iPod am I?

I’ve been reading up on reviews about the iPod Classics, iPod Touch and iPhone. My perfect device would allow me to:
Keep a US number that my friends, work contacts, and family in the US to keep in touch
Store enough music, some games, and even a few movies for those long train rides
Wifi access to keep up on news, read my fav blogs, download podcasts and RSS feeds
Record voice notes, interviews, interesting conversations
Contact and calendar management so I can easily update my computer when I get home

The iPod Classic is great with it’s huge storage capacity, but no wifi so would need a computer for podcasts, etc. Also if someone recommends a new album, I can’t download it while on the road. Plus, if I just want a harddrive, it’s cheaper to buy a regular HD anyway.

The iPhone is impossible with the AT&T contract. I think I’ll wait to see what Apple does when they release it in Asia. Maybe then I’ll get one if I stay there.

The iPod Touch looks quite promising, a little expensive, but cool features, and I’ve been reading that they will open it up to third-party developers in Feb so that will be great. No camera and no real writing app, but all my blogging will be done at internet cafes anyway. Plus flash RAM is more stable and way faster than the old drives.

Whew, enough tech talk for me. If you want more, check out:
Hack the iPod Touch
iPod Touch Hacks
iPod Hacks
Touch Tip
If you would rather stay within your warrantee, here are some of the web apps on Apple’s site:
Mister Wong, Food Network, Astrology: Horoscopes, Mind Dojo, Big Bang Sudoku, Digg, Remember the Milk, IM+ Skype, Facebook

I’m currently on a music rampage, looking for old, new, random music to take with me. I went on iTunes and found the iTunes School of Rock which turns out to be a great starting point for me. I wonder how musicians, how many albums, how many songs iTunes has on file? Just the thought of this blows my mind! Anyway, my point is, there must be so much good music out there that I know nothing about, so any suggestions would be welcome!


~ by Jen C. on 15/11/2007.

One Response to “The Process: We’ve decided, now what?”

  1. Check out

    It’ll work with at&t and let you check your voicemail over the internet. Quite nice

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