Internet censorship in China

“Ever since the Communist party took power in 1949, the Chinese media has been tightly controlled by the government. Online publishing is a real threat to that control, and the government is clearly worried. A crackdown in 2003 closed websites and internet cafes and saw the arrest of dozens of online commentators.

Yet this is not proving enough to stifle the pluck and ingenuity of China’s bloggers. The rise of the blog phenomenon was made possible by blog-hosting services. Just as companies like Yahoo host email accounts, sites like, based in the United States, host blogs.”

For the full article: The ‘blog’ revolution sweeps across China – 24 November 2004 – New Scientist

This article is from 2004, but I wonder what the situation is now in China? Upon checking through the WordPress forums, there are quite a few threads on the topic and it seems that all of WordPress is now blocked in China. Here are links to some of the threads. Now Blocked in China
how to blog from china?

“Wikipedia’s English site is blocked again in China, after over two months of being accessible, continuing a saga of on-again, off-again availability.
Users in Shanghai and Beijing confirmed Wednesday and Thursday that they were no longer able to visit the site. Wikipedia’s own account states that the block resumed on 31 August, although some users in China said the site has only been unavailable starting this week.”

Read the full article at Wikipedia blocked in China yet again

The more I Google about this, the more I see posts about major sites being blocked in China: Google, YouTube, TypePad,…
In fact, here’s a list of tested blocked sites. And one more article about the different countries that are blocking internet access.

What to do? No blogging, no news, no entertainment? It’ll be so incredibly strange to be somewhere that is completely void of the American essentials, such as Google, freedom of speech, YouTube…

Use The Great Fire Wall of China to test whether your site is being blocked. Although, according the sites I tested, everything is blocked, so maybe this site is all that useful…


~ by Jen C. on 16/11/2007.

One Response to “Internet censorship in China”

  1. Evidently questions about the purity of food products from China are censored on It sort of astounds me what is censored on Chowhound. Recently I’ve had postings about concern over using food ingredients from China and displeasure about the long lines at my local TJs and their discontinuation of stoned wheat thins censored. Once you’ve been censored once I think you go on a hot list and they carefully discriminate against everyone of your postings. The SF hounds have a picnic each year and this year the Chowhound Community Manager Jacquilynne Schleisier flew down from Toronto to attend. I had a chance to talk to her and what a piece of work! While food is obviously her main main interest (see the photo at ) She also talked about going on cruises with her parents. On her blog she talks about her thoughts about her main interest I hope this gives some consolation to those of you who have been censored. Now on the other hand she evidentially is taste testing all the food that is mentioned.

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