Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device: The Kindle

I’m actually quite excited about this Kindle, it’d be great to have a reader like in my bag, on so many different levels. Kids don’t have to break their backs with huge textbooks in their backpacks. Traveling with books will be so much easier. No more going back to Ikea to buy yet another shelf. You can buy a new book from anywhere. *Does the wireless work any where in the world or just the US?* But, it is still missing a few features that I’d like:
– magazine subscriptions (in glossy color too)
– straight PDF reader to read other files, without having to pay to email the document (this is just silly)
– a reasonable price tag (at $399 it’s ridiculous!)

And for god’s sake, make it SEXY! It’s actually very impressive that Amazon would come out with something that rivals the Macintosh computers from the 80’s and 90’s…

Macintosh 1990Amazon Kindle 2007

Find out more about The Amazon Kindle


~ by Jen C. on 20/11/2007.

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