Portable viewer storage units

I know, I’ve been a little heavy on the techie stuff, but the products that are coming out have so much potential for people on the move. And by that I mean, nomads.

Digital Foci

Digital Foci: Picture Porter Elite 3.6″ Portable Picture Viewer

This little gadget, is a great addition to my photography gear, as it allows me to upload images directly from my memory cards and stores them as well as providing a viewer to see the images. It supports RAW files, most importantly. Now, I can leave my computer at home when backpacking through China. Also another thing on my wish list is covered: voice recording. And it’s quite convenient that it is separate from my iPod Touch since my photography related files will all be in one place. AND it’s a whopping 160GB! And still cheaper than the Epson P5000. I am pretty much sold on it, but I have one more option to check out. Canon’s M80 Portable Viewer.

Canon M80

Bios: Canon M30 / M80

The M80 only has 80GB storage space, which, honestly for 6 months of traveling is not quite enough. No sign of a voice recording reature, although it definitely supports sound files. The casing looks like it’s sturdy, like the Canon G9, but will it be as heavy? It takes the same batteries as the Canon cameras (which is nice since I have 4). However, I also can’t find the price for it. Suspicious…


~ by Jen C. on 20/11/2007.

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