What should we do with the Shadow cat?

I was doing some research yesterday on how to move cats overseas. The HK Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department has this to say:

AFCD Import of Dogs and Cats
New Policy for the Import of Dogs and Cats


According to the result of a public consultation on the import control of dogs and cats and after thorough consideration of different opinions from the public, this Department has imposed a new policy since 1 September 2005. For applications submitted on or after 1 September 2005, dogs and cats imported must be implanted with an identification microchip, and the microchip number must be printed on the animal health certificate to identify the animals. Applications submitted on or before 31 August 2005 are not affected.

To read more about how to import pets: HK AFCD Website

A microchip? What for? Is this a pet over population control thing? Or for disease reasons? Should we take him or find him a new home? Which is better for him? The poor thing is going to be so traumatized. Having some microchip installed, then having to be stuck in a crate, on a plane for hours. Thank god there’s no quarantine for US animals into HK as far as I know. Is it all worth it for him? Or would be better of just staying here in the US with a new family?


~ by Jen C. on 20/11/2007.

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