I Guess I Asked For It

I don’t normally believe in signs, but if this is anything to go by I am over the moon!

Last night, I was online looking for HK photographers, models, and stylists and I found an underwater fashion photographer in HK looking for an assistant. He wanted someone with photo experience, PADI certified, and willing to relocate to Asia. So naturally I applied. I’m up for the job now, but I’m a little nervous about how it’s changing my plans. I would have to leave for Cebu right after XMas (eeek! 3 weeks) and I might not be able to come back to LA to wrap up everything until late Feb.

Then end of Feb, I might be shooting VC’s new line in Mexico, and in March I’m up for a movie stills job here in LA. And I still want to be back in HK before the 7’s to go to the reunion.

Side Note: I have do add one more HUGE thing to do before my trip. I have 3 weeks to get my lungs nice and healthy before I can spend a month diving, not to mention, before going to Thailand to do a month of Muay Thai! Arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! My worst nightmare! M is really into CrossFit so he’ll be my personal training coach for the next few weeks. He’s starting me on a jump rope/push up/squats regime right now.


~ by Jen C. on 04/12/2007.

One Response to “I Guess I Asked For It”

  1. sounds sweet! definitely go for it.


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