It’s such a strange feeling to be in transition like this.

When you know you are leaving a place that has been home for awhile, there are so many things that become difficult on a day to day level. Basic things like cuddling up and watching a movie on your TV, or reading a book as you fall asleep, become difficult as you suddenly remember that you’ve just sold off your TV and have unplugged and moved your bedside lamps for the sale over the weekend. It’s not as though our loft is empty. I still have my entire office set up amidst my possessions sprawled all over the floor. We still have our cell phones and internet connection. I still have my fridge and a car. But with three months left to go, it is definitely starting to show.

One of the ways we have found to be a comforting solution to our life being torn apart at home, is to go out for drinks with friends. But it becomes difficult to connect with the ones who are settled into what they are doing here in LA and being so involved in their careers, and I am completely up in the air. I’m not spending all my time and effort thinking about my next career move, or what I have to deal with at work, or how crap traffic is. Giving all that up, even for a short time, has really focused my thoughts elsewhere. Elsewhere being quite unrelated to Los Angeles. It has been much more noticeable how self involved people become when work takes off, and how little in common I have with some people on a real level, apart from career related interests. My day to day activities are pretty unexciting right now. Work has tapered off and is quite slow. When I do work on something it’s not that interesting to talk about it. And I have no inclination to talk about how to get Shadow’s permit to enter HK, or international freight companies with anyone for extended periods of time. And everyone keeps asking pretty standard questions about what we are going to do for work when we get there. In fact, if anything that’s the one question that drives me nuts. I’m going to do the same goddamn thing I do here, just over there. Why would it be any different? The lucky thing for me is M is still so excited that I can leave him to explain, yet again, and I can just zone out on something else.

Another funny realization is that at this very moment, one friend who drove me nuts before because he refused to discuss anything that mattered to him with me is now the one person who I really appreciate because every conversation out of his mouth isn’t consumed by work. Another friend, spent most of the night either talking or emailing people and the only thing he asked me directly was for a work recommendation. He would ask a question and then halfway through the reply he would get distracted by his phone. Yawn. Thank God my closest friend is also moving away from LA understands all this and is silly and goofy as ever. But it is going to suck not having her around to have lunch with…

I suppose, I could be making more of an effort to make the transition easier for myself once I get to HK, but it’s tough since once I get there, I’ll be off again for 4-5 months, traveling in China. I guess really that’s what makes this move complicated for me. Maybe I should start working on my travel itinerary for China…

Another difficult situation right now is this possible job in the Philippines in Jan. I want to plan for things after Christmas, but have no idea if I’ll be around or not. I’m still waiting to hear the logistical details of whether the job will go through or not. But I may only have three weeks left until I leave for a month. When I get back, I won’t have a place to live, half my stuff will be in storage, and things will be complicated. I guess I’ll be lucky if I know for sure about the job before Christmas.

The great thing is that I’ve been spending a lot of time getting inspiration from other travelers and people who really live a nomadic lifestyle. I’ve been reading about some really entrepreneurial people spread out all over the world, who are constantly on the move, and am fascinated by the lives they lead and how they have carved out niches for themselves based on lifestyle choices. Check out some of these profiles from NuNomads.


~ by Jen C. on 13/12/2007.

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