The Golden Shield aka. The Great Firewall of China

To continue the discussion on The Great Firewall of China, here’s an interesting article from Wired.

“The Golden Shield — the latest addition to what is widely referred to as the Great Firewall of China — was supposed to monitor, filter, and block sensitive online content. But only a year after completion, it already looks doomed to fail. True, surveillance remains widespread, and outspoken dissidents are punished harshly. But my experience as a correspondent in China for seven years suggests that the countrys stranglehold on the communications of its citizens is slipping: Bloggers and other Web sources are rapidly supplanting Communist-controlled news outlets. Cyberprotests have managed to bring about an important constitutional change. And ordinary Chinese citizens can circumvent the Great Firewall and evade other forms of police observation with surprising ease. If they know how.”

Read the full article at Wired Magazine 15.11: The Great Firewall: Chinas Misguided — and Futile — Attempt to Control What Happens Online

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~ by Jen C. on 18/12/2007.

One Response to “The Golden Shield aka. The Great Firewall of China”

  1. You can try to access blocked sites. It is a non profit organization supporting freedom of surf. Their servers are very fast and optimized for Chinese connections.

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