Philippines: The Not-Going-Ongoing Saga

The last post about the BFP business in the Philippines was before Christmas. No I am not in the Philippines right now. And no, the job has not disappeared.

To give you a quick run down of the events:

I was invited several times to go by several different people. Then we started negotiating a rate to cover my being there for the whole month. Half way through negotiating, Christmas came along so everyone buggered off for their holidays. The New Years came and went. I assumed it was off until someone called me from Miami, only to let me know that she wasn’t sure what was going on and that she would get back to me. Then I finally got a hold of someone the day they started shooting over there. We began negotiating again. I came way way down to their rate and I heard nothing back from them. So I decided to get on with my life. And now they are back, trying to keep me on hold again to leave next weekend.

I don’t even know what to say to them at this point…


~ by Jen C. on 11/01/2008.

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