Philippines: The Ongoing-SURPRISE-saga

Well, I’ll bet you didn’t expect to get another post in this train wreck of a series. Neither did I. I really thought that I would be posting from my iPod Touch at a beach side cafe while wriggling my happy little toes in the warm sand. But instead, here I am freezing my butt off, at 12:30am, waiting. Yes, waiting again for them to decide.

I called them earlier today as I hadn’t heard from them about my ticket, and it’s already Friday over there. I was expecting either, yes yes we are trying to get you a flight, OR, some sort of delay response meaning they decided not to have me in the end. However, I underestimated exactly how indecisive they are, and was caught completely off guard when they told me they found a ticket to leave for next Monday, but would it be possible for me to stay until the 24th of Feb? Amazing!

So, as of right now, I made my final offer to them. And I am waiting at my makeshift desk (a pillow in front of a storage crate with my computer on it) for some sort of final decision from them. And my toes are numb from the cold…


~ by Jen C. on 18/01/2008.

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