Philippines: The Ongoing-Confirmed-saga

It has been confirmed at long last! I will be going to the Philippines for the month of Feb to work for Bigfoot Productions. It should be a busy month over there as they have a feature production, several FTV photoshoots, as well as fashion shows going on. I leave Feb 1st, and I can’t wait! My bags are packed and I’m ready to go…

Speaking of packed bags – I have managed, for the first time, to pack light enough so that I will not have to check in baggage! I will still be taking my photography gear and my laptop (since I will be gone for a whole month), but I have converted my Calumet rolling case into my carry-on luggage, and it is the perfect size! I may have to do a little bit of shopping once I get to Cebu, but I am thinking about just shipping all my clothes straight to HK instead of bringing it back here with me. That way we will have (a little) less to worry about… I am hoping to get a flight that stops over in HK for a few hours to do the hand off – which would be perfect in theory, but mail will work too.

Here in LA, things have been busy, and will continue to be through the rest of Jan. We are getting ready to move out of our place at the end of the month which has been happening slowly but surely. It takes quite awhile to sell off everything, but we have gotten rid of most of our furniture now. The biggest challenge for me these days is to go through a huge filing cabinet of photos from the last 9 years of doing photography. I keep trying to just quickly pack everything into boxes, but the memories of friends, family, all the trips I’ve taken, all the photoshoots, past projects, keep distracting me from the real goal. But it’s a really nice reminder of the simplest function of photographs to the majority of people: capturing a moment in time to be remembered. However, if any of you out there have any recommendations on how to deal with packing and shipping large numbers of slides and negatives from pre-digital times, please let me know! I could use the help right now…


~ by Jen C. on 22/01/2008.

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