Philippines: Day 1

At long last I have arrived in Cebu.

It was a really long trip! I think my flight from LAX to HKG was about 16 hours, with an hour in HK and then 2 hours to Cebu, and about an hour in line at customs. I haven’t been in line for customs that long in awhile.

I’m a bit confused with the time change and the loss of a day. I fell asleep this afternoon at 3pm and just woke up (it’s 10:30pm now). Hopefully I still have a few hours more sleep in me for tonight.

Hopefully tomorrow morning I can find a grocery store to pick up some necessities and snacks. Then meeting with MG at 1pm then the rest of the day is free…

Lapu-Lapu City


~ by Jen C. on 02/02/2008.

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