Philippines: Days 4 + 5

It’s been really busy two days. I was asked to shoot some corporate portraits for the post production crew here at BF and also their facilities so I haven’t had a chance to really blog. But, this will be a quick one to make up for it.

Things move so fast here in some ways, but so slow in others. My days are long (I wake up at 6:30 and go to bed at midnight) and filled with meetings, being briefed on what will happen or what I need to do, trying to figure out the system, and staying on schedules that other people make for me. So far, I’ve been able to keep my head above the water for most things, but some I just don’t seem to have enough time for. I have been overwhelmed with adjusting to everything, but I think once I get the flow of things, it will become more manageable.

But everyday, I look forward to heading to the tiki bar where all us imports congregate after hours. Most of the people I actually work with everyday are locals (which is REALLY nice as I am involved in the two separated worlds) but at the same time, it’s alienating. I realized today that being a photographer is quite a lonely job. It’s very isolating as the ‘middle man’ between your crew and the clients.


~ by Jen C. on 06/02/2008.

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