Switzerland’s Suicide Clinic

I saw this headline whilst on the tube yesterday: “We can suggest places to eat and visit, but most of our members prefer to get on with dying”. Unfortunately, haven’t found the accompanying article, but here’s one about this suicide clinic in Switzerland.

“There is talk, too, of a “Dignitas Clinic”, which conjures images of crisp Swiss efficiency, mountain air, a kind of peace. The reality is rather more shabby. While the organisation maintains a solid air-conditioned head office in a dormitory suburb of Zurich, the location of the assisted suicides is constantly changing. The present address is a second-floor apartment at Ifagstrasse No 12, an urban wasteland about 15 km (9 miles) from Zurich. Down the road is the Globe brothel, which is garlanded with a dozen flags representing the different nationalities of the girls inside. Near by, a Caribbean club, a Greek internet café and, next to the suicide apartment, a place where you can change your car oil.” Rest the rest of the article here.


~ by Jen C. on 20/11/2009.

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