The Syd Barrett Trust Charity Walk

“The aim as you probably know is to do what Syd did when he’d finally decided he was done with London, that is walk all the way to Cambridge.

Nobody knows exactly what route he took, however it’s likely to have been along the most direct road, which is now the M11 so we won’t be going that way.

Having considered a couple of options for dates, I’ve settled on my original plan of the Easter weekend. Easter provides a four day holiday period which I hope will make the walk more accessible. The other option was the following bank holiday at the beginning of May, one consideration for moving it back a month was the potential of slightly better weather, but as you know, planning anything long-term based on if it might rain or not is impossible, I remember a couple of years ago the coldest temperature at an England cricket test match was recorded during May, and we’ve all seen the mess Glastonbury gets into during June.

So the dates are: Friday April 2 to Monday April 5.” For more information, visit The Syd Barrett Trust


~ by Jen C. on 04/12/2009.

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