Cambodia: Angkor Palm Restaurant

Think I’ve fixed my blurry camera phone problem, thus vigorous posting resumes!

I spent a lovely afternoon baking in the sun reading Brick Lane while enjoying my first proper Cambodian meal. Having so far been busy templing and eating pretty simply, I decided to treat myself to a Lonely Planet recommended restaurant.

Mango, lemon, coconut milk, banana smoothie: My god what a combo! The best thing I’ve been introduced to in a long while (next to Kahlua Guinness of course)!

Mango and dried fish salad: green mango, carrot, red bell pepper marinated lime, fish sauce, and chilli sauce. Topped with basil, peanuts, dried fish and shrimp on fresh lettuce. Yum! I’ll be having this again.

Khmer Fish Soup: Fish, Onions, Lime juice, fish base. Topped with spring onions. Another Asian soup to add to my repertoire.

What a meal, shame I couldn’t finish the massive portion. It could’ve easily been shared between 2 people and cost me US$8.

I’m going back for their Angkor Palm special after a long templing day…

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~ by Jen C. on 16/01/2011.

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